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Ein überzeugendes Indie-Noise-Rock & Punkrock Gebräu des schwedischen Power-Trios. Für Fans von Wild Flag, Hot Snakes oder Sonic Youth !nnSwedish power trio No Favours from Malmö plays energic indie rock. Intense and noisy. With twisted howlin' guitars, melodic sincere vocals, fast drums and heavy bass, No Favours enters with a boom! The band consists of Anna Jonsson, former drummer in the punk band Kamikatze, bassist Stefan Holmberg, guitarist and vocalist Victoria Skoglund known from the acclaimed post-rock band Audrey. Separately they have kept themselves busy releasing records and touring throughout the 00's. It's almost as they now have met half-way from each others musical background, and the outcome is something really special! This is something for those of you who grew up with your fingers stuck in the indie rock category in your local record shop, dripping mouths and eager fingers looking for a nice price copy of Sonic Youth - Washing Machine Fans of great acts like Wild Flag, Hot Snakes, Souls and PJ Harvey. This could be your new favorite band! TRACKS: 1. Hands And Hearts 2. Haste 3. Devil's Canyon 4. Six 5. The Walk 6. Push 7. I Easily Break 8. Lack Of Speed 9. Freaks 10. Sidewards

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