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Hama School is out Schlamperetui punkrock
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Schlampermäppchen / Für wen: Kinder / Farbe: rot / Inhalt: ohne Inhalt / Serie: Hama School is out / Höhe: 5,5 cm / Breite: 19 cm / Tiefe: 8 cm / Gewicht: 45 g

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Stand: 04.04.2018
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Kvelertak Kvelertak 2-LP Standard
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Effiziente Krachmischung – und diese norwegischen Innovatoren knallen mit ihrer Mischung aus hochrabiatem Metal und mordsfetzigem old school Punkrock nur noch voll drauf!

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Stand: 23.04.2018
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Earth to Skye
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Liv and Skye have been best friends since pre-school. At sixteen, they are trying to make the leap from Hello Kitty to lace thong underwear. Skye is incredibly talented and beautiful and into everything she can find in her Moms medicine cabinet. Her parents dont seem to care what she does. Her mother is an ex-model who parties all the time and her dad still travels with his punk-rock band, leaving Skye to look after her two little sisters - when shes not hanging around with her homeless junkie boyfriend. Livs parents are feeling their way through a recent divorce, but everyone seems to be OK with it. Then one day, all Liv has left is Skyes journal - her thoughts, frustrations, hopes and fears, her colorful drawings - and a lot of anger. She decides to join her mom - an award-winning documentary filmmaker - on a trek across The Himalaya as she films the charity work of a Tibetan monk. It is a long and harrowing journey for Liv who takes Skyes journal with her to read when no one else is around. Liv has so many questions. Will Skyes journal give her the answers she needs to be able to let go?

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Stand: 07.11.2017
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