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Good Charlotte Poster Youth Authority
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Good Charlotte Poster Youth Authority

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Stand: 16.03.2017
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How to Publish a Book That Doesn´t Suck and Wil...
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Wanna learn how to publish a book that doesn´t suck...and will actually make you some moolah? Interested in finding out how to turn your self publishing efforts into reliable sources of kick-ass income? Curious to figure out how get published, get noticed - and get paid - and eventually self publish your way to an actual writing career? (Not just something that helps give you a car payment.) dear have come to the right place. For I was once like you. I was drawn to the ´´idea´´ of being a full-time published writer who spent his days drinking copious amounts of coffee, and keeping his Jack Russell Terrier from destroying the house. But then I was laid off. And by necessity, I quickly learned how to publish a book that actually brought money in - FAST! (Not just one that padded my ego.) And you know what I learned? It IS totally possible to make a living with self publishing. As long as you do it right - and approach it like a frickin´ professional. And that´s why I´ve collected all insider strategies on what to do - and most notably what not to do - in this humble tome, How to Publish a Book That Doesn´t Suck (and Will ACtually Sell. In this book you´ll discover: 6 Super-Important Questions Every Self Published Author Has Just Gotta Ask Themselves The Wonderfully Profitable (and Slightly Irrational) World of Kindle Publishing How Audiobooks Can Change Your Life (and Your Bank Account) What the Hell Is a Smashwords and Why Should You Really Care? 8 Keys to Seeing Your Words in Print How to Become a Best-selling Author in Slovakia (and Other Tales from International Rights Sales 3 Super-Ninja, Punk-Rock Ways to Sell Your Book ...and so much more! Language: English. Narrator: Gregory Zarcone. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 12.04.2017
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No Use For A Name All the best songs 2-LP Standard
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Erstmals auf Vinyl! All the best songs - Best of´´ erscheint als Deluxe Editon in Form einer schwarzen 2-LP im Gatefold mit Downloadcode! No Use For A Name steht seit Bestehen für lupenreinen energiegeladenen US Punk. NUFAN war die Band des 2012 verstorbenen Frontmanns Tony Sly. Mit dem kommenden Output ´´All the best songs´´ vereinen sich die größten Werke aus über 20 Jahren auf einer CD. Vollgepackt mit 26 Songs plus den beiden Bonustracks „Biggest lie´´ und „The feel good song of the year´´ können Punkrock-Fans hier bedenkenlos zugreifen.´´

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Stand: 21.10.2017
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Hal Leonard Guitar Play Along Vol.09 - Punk Roc...
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Jouez 8 chansons de Punk/Rock à la guitare (tablatures et symboles d´accords).Inclus un CD avec les versions complètes et playbacks des titres. Apprenez à votre rythme en modifiant le tempo des chansons sans en changer leur tonalité.Titres :(So) Tired Of Waiting For You [Green Day]All The Small Things [Blink 182]Fat Lip [SUM 41]Flavor Of The Weak [American Hi-Fi]I Feel So [Box Car Racer]Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous [Good Charlotte]Say It Ain´t So [Weezer]Self Esteem [The Offspring]

Stand: 06.09.2017
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